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How to use the survey API 'Survey Submit Field' placeholder

This article details how custom fields used by the survey API are to be combined with placeholders to insert the associated custom field information into a Standard Response.



Correctly associating custom API fields with the 'Survey Submit Field' placeholder

The first thing to note is that the %SURVEY_SUBMITFIELD_field-name-variable% placeholder requires a variable component at the end of it (highlighted in red). This variable takes the name of the custom API field whose associated data you wish to reference. If you have a list of custom API fields and their associated data as per the example in Figure 1, you would reference each custom API field's data with the %SURVEY_SUBMITFIELD% placeholder as follows:

  1. %SURVEY_SUBMITFIELD_ContactName% - which would insert the associated data, Jimmy Nash, into the Standard Response
  2. %SURVEY_SUBMITFIELD_AccountName% - which would insert the associated data, ACME Ltd, into the Standard Response
  3. %SURVEY_SUBMITFIELD_CountryCode - which would insert the associated data, GB, into the Standard Response
  4. and so on...

Figure 1 - Custom API fields and their associated data

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