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Integration - Call API


Integration  Call API supports initiating a call and downloading of call recording via HTTP requests: 

Dial parameters

  • outbound queues are supported via prefixes, in the same way as dialed from a desk phone
  • to notify a 3rd party about call events via HTTP callbacks configure URL adapter parameter in the link:
  • an example of URL adapter for event handling:
  • to create a sample URL adapter paste the following link onto the form (parameters will be parsed automatically) 


Linking events to calls

  • the dial API returns an integer request ID as JSON ({RequestID:00000}), for example
  • this RequestID is passed to the event callback via {{DialApiRequestID}} placeholder in the corresponding URL adapter
  • the adapter also supports {{CallID}} placeholder which together with the {{DialApiRequestID}} allow to link calls to the corresponding API request
  • every call to the dial API initiates a pair calls: one to dial the agent and another to dial the requested number, for example
  • in the event callback there are 2 placeholders available to differentiate between different events belonging to those calls: {{CallTypeName}} and {{DialApiEventName}} (see the table below)
APIpickupagent picked the phone
APImissedagent missed the call
APIhangupagent hung up the call
Outgoingpickupdialed party picked the phone
Outgoingmisseddialed party missed or rejected the call
Outgoinghangupdialed party hung up the call

Some examples of event callback requests made via the sample adapter described above:


The above examples are for the pair of calls (API and Outgoing) generated via a single request to the dial API that returned {RequestID:513} where both the agent and the dialed party picked up the call.

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