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FAQ - Why are autoresponses not sent out?

Autoresponses are a reliable and consistent way to communicate to your customers that you have received their emails. Autoresponses can be configured to not be dispatched under certain conditions. Sometimes this can give users the impression that the Auto Responder has stopped working. This article details the settings that can cause the Auto Responder to stop sending out autoresponses.


Customers and / or agents complain that autoresponses are not being sent out in response to new incoming emails.

Troubleshooting & Solution

  1. Identify the ticketbox that is no longer sending out autoresponses, right click it and select [Properties]
  2. In the [Folder Properties] window, click the [Auto Responder] tab
  3. When a customer sends their email, the response template specified in the [When new ticket starts] field will be sent out. However, if the customer's email is a reply, the response template specified in the [When a reply comes] will be sent out (highlighted in red). Please note, if no response template has been specified, no autoresponse will be sent out to the customer
  4. Check [Outgoing] folder belonging the agent that is set as the [Autoresponder supervisor] (highlighted in orange). If there were errors when sending of autoresponses the folder will contain list of emails failed to send along with SMTP error  messages. The following link provides detailed guide on how to troubleshoot SMTP errors: Learn how to test and resolve issues with an email accounts
  5. If the [Do not reply twice...] flag has been ticked (highlighted in blue), the Auto Responder will use the value specified to block autoresponses from being sent out to the same email address
  6. Email addresses that are visible in the [Do not reply to below listed addresses] list (highlighted in green) are blocked from receiving autoresponses
  7. The schedule configured for the Auto Responder may prevent it from sending autoresponses during certain hours (highlighted in purple)

Figure 1 - Settings that can disrupt autoresponse delivery

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