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Why are new tickets not automatically assigned to agents?

FocalScope's automated Ticket Queue will automatically route tickets to available agents. Available agents means that the agent is part of a ticket queue, logged into FocalScope, and their agent status is set to ready. If all the agent's queues are full, then the system will halt assigning new tickets to agents. This article details how you can verify available agents and increasing the queue limit for each agent to ensure that new tickets continue to be assigned promptly.


New tickets enter the system but the Ticket Queue does not automatically assigned them to the attending agents.

Troubleshooting & Solution

First, the agents have to be logged in and that their queue state should be set to [Ready] (see Figure 1).

Figure 1 - Checking your queue status

Please noteadministrators can get an overview of all queue agents' states as follows:

  1. In the [Main menu], select [Screen > Administration]
  2. Click the [Administration] tab
  3. Navigate to the [Workflow Configuration > Ticket Queues > Agent Ready State] folder
  4. In the right-hand pane, logged in agents who are part of a ticket queue will have their status displayed as indicated in Figure 2. Administrators can right-click an agent's name and override their status

    Figure 2 - An overview of agents' states

    Second, verify that the ticket-queue length configured for each agent is not being filled by new tickets. If the agents' queues are full, increase the limits for each agent’s queue to ensure new tickets are assigned to an agent the moment the tickets enter the system.

    1. In the [Main menu], select [Screen > Administration]
    2. Expand the [Workflow Configuration > Ticket Queues] folder
    3. In the right-hand pane, right click and select [Properties] for the queue that you wish to modify
    4. Double-click on each associated agent and adjust their queue length as required

      Figure 3 - Adjusting the ticket queue length for an agent

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