Thursday, January 11, 2018 10:54 AM

Call Flow - Voicemail

To create a new voicemail box or modify an existing voicemail box, Go to Telephony Screen > Call Flow > Voicemail

Double click on an existing voicemail box to modify or press the new button at the top left of the screen to create a new voicemail box.

General Tab

Both creating new and editing will open a popup screen. There are a few fields to fill in.

Name: Name of voicemail box

Ticket In: This will place the voicemail in a ticketbox in Focalscope workspace

Email to: This will sent the voicemail via email to the set destination.

Greeting: Greeting message to play to the caller before the voicemail starts being recorded.

Enabled: To enable the voicemail box, check the checkbox else leave it unchecked.


- To use Email to, you would need to configure an SMTP account to send the voicemail.

- Either Ticket In or Email To can be used at a single point of time for that ticket box. If you want change between either, clear the existing setting to remove the grayed out field.

Permission Tab

You can manage permissions for voicemail that are posted to ticketboxes.

Browse:This is to enable the user or group to be able to view the voicemail in their voicemail in the dashboard. Do note that this is different from ticket box access permission.

Download: Allow permission for the user to download voicemails.

Manage: Allow user to manage and change voicemail box setting. Do note that the user will need to be granted access to Telephony screen.