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Agent Properties

Agents Properties

General Tab

To modify or create new agent, go to Agent in the telephony menu

Both creating new and editing will open a popup screen. There are a few fields to fill in.

  • User Account: Type the Focalscope user name. You may use the auto complete to select from a list of existing user. Do note that this user has to exist in Focalscope user.

  • Extension: This will be the user extension number. This is also the user’s login ID when logging in to a phone.

  • Name: Insert the name of the user.

  • Incoming DID: Fill in with the DID assign to the agent.

  • Caller ID: Fill in with the default Caller ID of the agent.

  • Tags: This is to specify a tag to the user. (For Advanced Users)

  • Require PIN for Logon: Agent will have to specify this PIN when logging to phone.

  • Enable International calls: if this is enabled, you will need to insert an IDD pin for the agent. This will be used if the number dialed by the agent matches dial pattern for international calls.

  • Configure Voicemail: If enabled, if the agent and other call routing destination did not answer the call, the caller will be directed to the selected voicemail.

  • Protect call recordings: If enabled, recordings will not be available to be downloaded from the call logs.

Routing Tab

The routing tab is where you configure where the calls will be routing for the agent.

  • Dial Mode: Sequential / Concurrent Sequential will follow the flow configure from top to bottom. Concurrent will ring all specified members at the same time.

  • Default Member Timeout: This will specify the number of seconds to ring the member before going to the next member or destination.

  • Call Forwarding Instructions: This is where you specify an agent, group or number (external) number to call.

Preview Tab

In the Preview Tab, you would be able to see a sample flow of the configuration that was set.

Permission Tab

To Modify an existing user/group permission, click on the properties and allow or block as required.

  • Manage: Ability to modify agent’s configuration.

  • Browse: Ability to see the agent’s personal call log.

  • Download: Ability to download the agent’s call recordings.

  • Whisper: Ability to perform whisper and barge on the agent's call.

  • Listen: Ability to listen to an agent’s conversation.

References Tab

You will be able to see where this agent has reference to.

For example above, the agent is part of a dial group named Focalscope.

Properties Tab

Here you are able to assign properties for the specific agent. This is to be used for advanced reporting purposes.

The example above shows that this agent is part of the Group=Sales. In a report, if they were to filter for the Group Sales, this agent's report will also be collated.

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