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Live Chats

The Focalscope live chat system allows web users to communicate with FocalScope agents, in real time, using an easily accessible web interface. This lesson explains an agent's live chat window and introduces available tools and information agents can use with this feature.


When a web user requests a live chat, users in FocalScope whom have been added to the live chat group that is connected the link the web user clicked, will be sent a live chat requests (as shown in the image above) via Jabber in FocalScope. The agent would simply click on [Accept] if they are available to chat with the web user.


  1. Once the agent accepts the chat, a greeting message, which was preset by your system administration, will automatically be sent to the web user. If you need to change the greeting message, please contact your system administrator.
  2. Click the [<] tab on the right of the chat window, it will display web user's registration information.
  3. Agents may use standard responses to reply to web users. Standard responses previously stored in the system, will be listed when agent selects from the response dropdown field or clicks the [Response] button. Go to lesson on Manage Standard Responses to learn how to create and store such responses in the system.
  4. All live chats in FocalScope are automatically stored in the system for later review. Click on the [History] button to view a history of conversations made between you and the current web user
  5. If you need another agent to handle a web chat, you may transfer the chat to another online agent by clicking on the [Transfer] button. A small dialog appears with the list of online users. You may then select the user you wish to transfer the chat to. Once the chat is transferred, you will no longer be able to send messages to this web user.


Agents may close a web session when they do not require further conversations with the web users, by clicking on the [Close] button. Click [Ok] to confirm closing the chat session in the popup. The web user will receive a message notifying them that the chat session has been closed. The Send and Transfer buttons will be disabled, but web can still click on the [History] button to view the live chat conversation and details they had with the agent.


The system also notifies agents when the web user goes offline. The Send and Transfer buttons will be disabled, but users can still click on the [History] button to view the web chat conversation they had with this web user. Simply close the window when you are done.

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