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Ticket categories

Categorize allows you to group tickets for a similar purpose together and allows you to generate reports for that category in the Report Center. See the lesson Report Center Features for more detail on reports.


Right click on the ticket you wish to categorize, then select [Categories...] from the list.


On the pop up [Categories] screen, You may select from the dropdown boxes pre-configured categories for this ticket.

Categories available for selection are created by administrators. To create or edit new or existing categories, please contact your system administrator.


  1. Tickets which have been assigned categories will have the workgroup icon appear in the first column (as shown above).
  2. Hover your mouse pointer over the icon and you will see more information for this icon. Click [This object is assigned 1 categor(y)ies] to reopen the [Categories] dialog and edit categories for this item.
  3. Categories are used for the purpose of easy reporting on the state of these tickets as a whole, whether they are closed (require no father action) or open (require attention). View the lesson Statistics - Number of Open/Closed Tickets per Category to learn more about reports based on categorized messages.

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