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Why am I getting Access Denied entries in search results?

When using the Finder Tool, you may see 'Access Denied' shown for some or all results produced when searching for ticket and emails in FocalScope. This article details how you can restrict the Finder Tool's scope so only tickets that you have access to are returned in the search results.


How to use the Global Search tool in FocalScope


How to properly set the scope for the Global Search tool

When the Finder Tool is used without specifying the proper folder scope, search results may contain 'Access Denied' entries which cannot be read. These entries are for emails located in folders which are not accessible by the current user due to security configuration.  Continued in next section...

Figure 1 - 'Access Denied' entries in the search results

  1. In the [Folder] field, specify either a personal or shared folder. Please note, to perform a system-wide search, select the [Shared Items/Ticketboxes] folder and tick the [Include sub-folders] flag. This will allow the search to span across all shared folders and their subfolders in the system (the widest search possible)
  2. Specify the search criteria and click [Search]
  3. The results will no longer include any 'Access Denied' entries

Figure 2 - Restricted Global Search scope producing desired results

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How to use the Global Search tool in FocalScope

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