Connect your favourite applications to the FocalScope sidebar

Maximise agent productivity by adding integrations in FocalScope sidebar. Select from FocalScope’s app directory or develop your own customised integrations using open API. From e-commerce platforms and CRMs to travel booking systems, we got all your integration needs covered.

View order info in sidebar

E-commerce platforms

Connect FocalScope with e-commerce platforms such as Magento or Shopify to display customer details, most recent orders, as well as payment statuses within the FocalScope sidebar.

Allow customer service agents to easily retrieve customer and order data in the sidebar as they handle customer enquiries, especially through the phone. No need to keep customers waiting on hold.

Sync customer interactions with CRMs

CRM systems

View CRM data in the FocalScope sidebar

Link up your existing CRM software to FocalScope. Sync contact databases, and reference in-depth customer information in FocalScope. On top of the universal customer card, get the full context before responding to customers. 

Sync customer interactions to CRM software

Synchronise FocalScope’s data with your CRM software to access your customers’ interaction history across channels, including emails, calls, live chat transcripts and more. Drive sales by understanding customers better, and tending to their needs.

Get social with customers

Social media platforms

Two in three people are messaging businesses on social media for basic enquiries, product support or to make purchases.

Engage customers like a friend on Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram. Make it easy for support agents to tackle requests coming from each channel in a unified FocalScope platform and enjoy its full collaboration and productivity features.

Sync with existing mail servers

Email servers

FocalScope is fully compatible with Microsoft Office 365, Gmail and other email servers, so you can integrate with external mail servers using Microsoft Office 365 rest API and Google OAuth. It’s easy, secure, and greatly improves your deployment process.

Add as many email accounts and email servers as you require. Automatically connect to the mail servers in real-time, such that emails are sent and received quickly.

Make and receive calls in Teams

Microsoft Teams

With this seamless integration, support agents can make and receive calls using their existing Microsoft Teams environment.

FocalScope can route calls to Microsoft Teams using the same logic determined by global routing, queues and SLA policies. This way, support agents can still enjoy the full benefits of FocalScope while having Microsoft Teams at hand.

Want to develop your own integrations?

Decide what information and which systems would be helpful for your team. Using FocalScope’s open APIs, you can connect and integrate with the system from any third-party application.

Learn more about integrations

Interested in what and how you can integrate? Let’s get talking.