FocalScope for Travel

Deliver a superior corporate and maritime travel experience

FocalScope provides a feature-rich contact center solution that allows corporate, maritime and offshore travel management companies (TMCs) to be operate with round the clock efficiency, track SLAs, and support corporate and marine travellers faster than ever.

Seamless handovers between shifts

Follow the sun with 24/7 global coverage

For TMCs, operating an effective “follow the sun” model is a must. Put to the task of transporting people on time, safely, and inexpensively, it’s no surprise when agents often scramble to fly a CEO out for urgent meetings, or to transport a whole ship crew for emergency servicing. 

With FocalScope, this task is simplified. Agents get complete information on every interaction that take place across branches and channels, while ticket logs, call logs and internal notes supplement additional context required.

Maintain a single point of contact for busy travellers around the world, even as agents are distributed across different shifts and locations.

Deploy hybrid or full virtual teams working from anywhere

Regardless of location, FocalScope ensures travel management agents are connected with customers, and each other. Agents can access all channels, including voice, using their web browser, desktop thick client, or through their mobile phones. Managers are equipped with live dashboards and data for performance tracking, and built-in training features enable them to support frontline teams virtually. 

Integrations with Amadeus, Travelport, Sabre

Integrate with booking platforms

Speed up thousands of bookings every day using integrations with global distribution systems like Amadeus, Travelport and Sabre.

With this integration, travel consultants can query the Passenger Name Record (PNR) within FocalScope to retrieve booking information. Without switching tabs, they can directly insert travel itineraries into email or WhatsApp replies.

The end result? Saving precious time on repetitive copy-pasting work and dramatically improving response rates.

Stay on top of SLA targets

Track and report SLA performance with ease

Where time is of the essence, FocalScope’s service-level agreement (SLA) tracking mechanisms help TMCs stay organised and coordinate travel bookings with finesse.

Set-up individual SLA profiles for each client account, enabling your team to get clear visibility on ticket deadlines and receive warnings well ahead of ticket expirations.  

When it comes to tender submissions, leverage FocalScope data to showcase your SLA performance. Download specific SLA reports as proof of your capabilities, and take advantage of our reporting templates for additional data points.

Collect CSAT and NPS scores for tender submissions

Feedback is a powerful element in securing tenders. Collect customer satisfaction (CSAT) and/or net promoter scores (NPS) across different channels via email surveys, post-call IVR-enabled surveys, or SMS surveys. Tailor surveys according to your clients’ preferences, including survey types, languages, and design.

Full transparency on operational data

Secure multi-location tenders with data 

With more than 70 dashboard and reporting templates at your disposal, you can track everything from traffic (by client, channel, or location) and first-call resolutions to customer feedback scores.

Share live dashboards with internal and external stakeholders for added transparency, and/or set a schedule to automatically send out performance reports to them on a regular basis. 

When needed, you can also customise dashboards and reports as per each client’s standards. As our reports are Excel-based, it’s easy to slice and dice data, or combine location-based reports into larger data sets to showcase your performance during tender submissions.

Round-the-clock efficiency

Automate workflows and task distribution

Customise your ticket queues, call queues, and call flow strategies for all travel agents. Efficient routing ensures mission-critical bookings can be made without delay.

  • Set up operating hours with shift-specific routing to ensure emails and calls are always timely answered.
  • Create SLA-dependent routing to escalate tasks to a dedicated or emergency response team upon reaching threshold. 
  • Reduce waiting time by putting a cap on call queue sizes. Upon time-out, automatically redirect calls to back-up queues.

Route your way to success with FocalScope

Leverage various routing methodologies to suit different clients, situations, and SLAs.

Provide omnichannel support

Be present whenever your travellers need help

For business travel desks, it is imperative to maintain multiple communication channels because customers must be able to reach you in different ways, especially in emergencies.

Some travellers may prefer email or messaging, while others will need to call you in urgent situations. With FocalScope, travel consultants are able to interact with travellers on any channel, such as voice, email, live chat, SMS, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Win half of the battle just by being present.

Universal customer card

Deliver personalised service at scale

FocalScope’s universal customer card brings together every prior interaction with a customer, across all channels and locations. Within this side panel, agents can also view valuable information such as internal notes left by colleagues, transaction history, and booking statuses.

From travel insurance and visa information to flight seating preferences, the universal customer card helps every agent better understand their travellers at a glance, and empowers them to deliver tailored services.

Leverage FocalScope chatbots

Automate basic requests

Treat FocalScope chatbots as your frontline responders, and have them automate about 35% of your live chat requests. Allow them to handle frequently asked questions, pull up relevant support articles from your knowledge base, and do simple tasks like retrieving booking statuses and updating account information.

When a human agent is needed, FocalScope chatbots can streamline triage time by collecting required customer data, before transferring the session directly to the right agent with the full context.

All communications connected under one roof

Discover how FocalScope helps you to optimise customer care on every channel. 

Email ticketing

Handle millions of emails accurately and efficiently every day.


Flexible and scalable telephony system for big and small businesses.

Live chat and bots

Interact with website visitors in real time and boost conversion.

Social media

Message customers via SMS, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook.

Knowledge base

Help customers help themselves with FAQs and support articles.

Let’s get started

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