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How to configure FocalScope Dashboards

Dashboards, like reports, are an excellent way to determine the overall operational capacity and efficiency of your entire business. Dashboards have the advantage that they focus on key performance indicators and update automatically as new data becomes available. This article details how Dashboards are configured in FocalScope.


Configuring a FocalScope Dashboard

  1. Right click either a personal or shared folder and select [New Folder] 
  2. In the [Folder properties] window, specify a suitable [Name] for the folder and set the [Type] to [Dashboard]
    • Alternatively, set the folder [Type] to [Dashboard Form] to create a folder that directly displays widgets in the FocalScope main window (see example in Figure 2)
  3. Click [Ok] to create the new Dashboard folder
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Figure 1 - Creating a Dashboard folder

Figure 2 - Direct widget display in Dashboard Form

  1. Select the newly-created Dashboard folder
  2. In the right-hand plane, right-click and select [New] to add a new Dashboard
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Figure 3 - Creating a new Dashboard cluster

  1. At the top of the [Dashboard] window, click the randomly generated name [DashboardX] (where X is a number), fill in a suitable name, and click anywhere in the window to save
  2. Click the the drop-down menu top, right of the window and select [Add Widget / Report] to add to the Dashboard cluster
  3. Configure the Dashboard widget / report as per the parameters presented
  4. You can add and configure additional Dashboard widgets / reports by repeating point 1
  5. Click [Save] on each configured Dashboard widget / report to activate them within the Dashboard cluster
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Figure 4 - Configuring a Dashboard KPI

  1. Once activated, Dashboards will display the the relevant information as per their configuration
  2. You can move Dashboards around to create a layout most suitable to your needs
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    Figure 5 - An active Dashboard

    To access or modify your Dashboards, navigate to your [Dashboard] folder and select the relevant Dashboard cluster in the right-hand pane.

    Figure 6 - Accessing or modifying Dashboard clusters

    Configuring the layout of a Dashboard

    1. Open any Dashboard in FocalScope
    2. Click the the drop-down menu top, right of the window and select [Edit Layout]
    3. Select the template that is most suitable for displaying your batch of Dashboard widgets
    4. Order widgets as required by dragging and dropping them in place
    5. Simply close the Dashboard window, the last used layout will automatically be saved

      Figure 7 - Creating a Dashboard folder

      Sharing Dashboards with others

      Should you wish to share Dashboards with others on a permanent or temporary basis, you can configure and share a permalink to the live Dashboards as follows:

      1. Open any Dashboard folder / list in FocalScope
      2. Click the the drop-down menu top, right of the window and select [Get permalink]
      3. Set an [Expiration Date] for the link (highlighted in blue) and click [Next]
      4. Click [Copy] to copy the active link to the Dashboard. This permalink can be shared with others to give them access to the Dashboard until the expiration date associated with this permalink

        Figure 8 - Sharing a Dashboard with others

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