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Importing HTML forms to FocalScope's custom form repository

If you have precompiled HTML forms that you use in other programs, you can import them into FocalScope and save yourself the effort of painstakingly recreating each form. This article details how to import HTML forms into FocalScope's custom form repository.


Using FocalScope's custom (HTML) forms tool


Importing HTML forms with FocalScope's custom forms tool

  1. In the [Main menu], select [Screen > Administration] 
  2. Click the [Advanced properties] tab
  3. Navigate to the [Custom forms] folder
  4. In the right-hand pane, click [New] to create a new form
  5. In the [Custom Form] window, give the form a suitable name in the [Name] field
  6. Click the [Source] button
  7. Continued in next section...

Figure 1 - Creating a new custom form

  1. Access the source of your HTML form and copy any HTML code (found between the first <div> ... </div> or <body> ... </body> tags) to the edit box of the custom form (highlighted in red)
  2. Copy any CSS code (found between the <style> ... </style> tag) to the [Style] box of the custom form (highlighted in blue)
  3. Click the [Source] button to show a preview and make sure the form looks correct
  4. Click [Save] to save the custom form

Figure 2 - Importing the source from another form to the custom form

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