How to correctly set 'category mapping' for FocalScope reports
Friday, December 2, 2016 4:44 AM

The 'Mappings for category columns' are specifically designed for users to precisely match category data they are interested in to the Category Name & Value columns displayed in the final report. This article details how to correctly set 'category mapping' for FocalScope reports.


How to create and configure a FocalScope report


Setting category mapping for reports

  1. If you use a custom arrangement of [Report columns] (as opposed to default, which automatically includes all report columns), make sure you have added adequate [Category Name] and [Category Value] fields to accommodate all the categories you want mapped in the final report (a maximum of 5 'Category Name & Value' fields are allowed per report)
  2. In the [Mappings for category...] parameter, select a maximum of 5 categories that are required in the final report. Please note: At this point you may need to narrow the scope of the report if it covers more than 5 categories
  3. If no category is listed in the [Mappings for category...] parameter, then the corresponding [Category X Name] will only display the text 'NO MAPPING!' (this is by design)
  4. Finally, if a category is defined for the [Report column] parameter, but ticket has no (or less than 5) categories assigned to it, then the column in the final report will be blank (this is by design)

Figure 1 - Defining the category mapping for a report