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How to correctly set 'category mapping' for FocalScope reports

The 'Mappings for category columns' are specifically designed for users to precisely match category data they are interested in to the Category Name & Value columns displayed in the final report. This article details how to correctly set 'category mapping' for FocalScope reports.


How to create and configure a FocalScope report


Setting category mapping for reports

  1. If you use a custom arrangement of [Report columns] (as opposed to default, which automatically includes all report columns), make sure you have added adequate [Category Name] and [Category Value] fields to accommodate all the categories you want mapped in the final report (a maximum of 5 'Category Name & Value' fields are allowed per report)
  2. In the [Mappings for category...] parameter, select a maximum of 5 categories that are required in the final report. Please note: At this point you may need to narrow the scope of the report if it covers more than 5 categories
  3. If no category is listed in the [Mappings for category...] parameter, then the corresponding [Category X Name] will only display the text 'NO MAPPING!' (this is by design)
  4. Finally, if a category is defined for the [Report column] parameter, but ticket has no (or less than 5) categories assigned to it, then the column in the final report will be blank (this is by design)

Figure 1 - Defining the category mapping for a report

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