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FocalScope Email Ticket icons and what they mean

FocalScope indicates message status, type, and other information through the use of icons. This article will detail what each of the FocalScope Email Ticket icons signify.



FocalScope Email Ticket icons are visible on the leftmost column in the message list pane. Learning how to read these icons at a glance is a very useful skill to have.

These icons are also where you access the Action History log for each message in FocalScope. To view the Action History of a message, hover your mouse cursor over the Email Ticket icon of the message and wait for the yellow balloon popup to appear.

Figure 1 - FocalScope Email Ticket icons & Action History log

Here is a table with each FocalScope Email Ticket icon and its description:

 ticket on hold
 ticket closed
 incoming unread email
 outgoing email
 post to folder, an internal email from agent to agent
 email being sent
 email failed to send
 replied incoming email
 incoming email read by, at least, one agent
 access denied, email can't be viewed by the agent
 newest message in the ticket (used in conjunction with  other icons)
 auto reply

Table 1 - Email Ticket icon descriptions

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