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Ticketbox ticketing options explained

To enforce your particular workflow, with regards to email ticketing, FocalScope includes an array of ticketing options that allow you to enforce specific behavior from both the system and users. This article details the ticketing options that you can configure and activate for individual folders (ticketboxes) in FocalScope.


How to create new Ticketboxes


Accessing and configuring FocalScope's ticketing options

The ticketing options for any email folder (ticketbox) in FocalScope can be accessed by right clicking said folder, selecting [Properties], and clicking the [General] tab in the [Folder Properties] window.

  • A category must be defined when closing a ticket - when an agent closes a ticket, FocalScope will require them to first select or specify a category for the ticket before they can close it
  • A category must be defined on 1st email sent from the ticket - if this flag is ticked, the system will prompt the attending agent to assign a category to the ticket (if it does not already have an associated category) when they reply, forward, or create a new outgoing email related to the ticket
  • Prompt when closing a ticket - when an agent closes a ticket, FocalScope will require them to fill out a reason why the ticket is being closed
  • On new message send - this option sets the default ticket state behavior for new emails that are sent from FocalScope. The options are: Send & Don't Change Ticket, Send & Close Ticket, Send & Open Ticket
  • On reply/forward -  this option sets the default ticket state behavior for forwarded emails and replies in FocalScope. The options are: Send & Don't Change TicketSend & Close TicketSend & Open Ticket
  • Append ticket # to subjects of e-mails in this folder - when this option is enabled, FocalScope will append the ticket ID to the subject line of outgoing emails to help the recipient see which query is being discussed. E.g., of a subject line with this option disabled: "Re: New Office Telephone Line" ... and with this option enabled: "Re: New Office Telephone Line [#19527]"
  • Prefix ticket # with - this option depends on the previous option being enabled and will place additional information in the subject line of sent emails. E.g., "Re: New Office Telephone Line [Case#19527]"
  • Reset assigned agent on reopening of a ticket - when a ticket that has been closed is reopened, the previous agent assigned to the ticket is removed (meaning, the ticket must be assigned to an agent as if it is a new ticket)
  • Assign new ticket to it's author - when an agent creates a new ticket / replies to a ticket, the ticket is automatically assigned to the agent
  • Assign existing ticket to author of the last reply - this will automatically assign a ticket to whomever last replied to it(even if the ticket is already assigned to an agent)
  • Assign unassigned ticket to the agent who closed it - if a ticket was not explicitly assigned to an agent, the agent who closes the ticket will be assigned to it
  • Closed tickets will not accept new emails after X days - if an email has been in a closed state in FocalScope for X days, if a customer tries to send a reply associated with the old ticket, it will enter FocalScope as a new ticket (not an associated reply)

Figure 1 - FocalScope ticketing options

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