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Remote Ticket Folders

FocalScope allows disparate offices and branches to share folders and ticketboxes remotely, as if they were in the same "local" FocalScope environment. This lesson will show how remote folders are both configured and accessed.

Remote Environment Configuration


On the remote system (where the folder we want to access from another FocalScope environment is located), we need to create an account which will be linked to the folder we will designate to be accessed remotely. This will grant security privileges on this system (and the designated folder) for remote users.

In the Administration screen, expand the [User Access Control'] node and select the users folder. Right click anywhere in the account list in the right pane and select [New...].


The "User Properties" popup will display.

  1. In the [Name:], [Full Name:] & [Description:] fields, enter fitting information to identify and describe the account.
  2. Tick the [Enable for impersonation...] flag to enable this account's privileges to be used by a remote system, when accessing this remote folder.
  3. Enter the password for the account in the [Password:] and [Confirmation:] fields.

This account is now properly configured for remote access. Please note the "Name" you and the "Password" you entered for this account, as these will be used by the remote system to impersonate this account on this system.


Now access the properties of the folder or ticketbox you wish to elect for remote access, by right clicking on it and selecting [Properties].

Once the "Folder Properties" page opens, we need to give the "Remote Agents" account permissions on this ticketbox. This is done under the [Security] tab of the "Folder Properties" window.

Click the [Add] button and select the account we created for remote logins. Click [OK] when done.

Finally add the required permissions for this account. See the lesson Assign Permissions to Ticketboxes.


Next, under the [General] tab, click on the "Get link for remove access..." link to copy the URL to the clipboard. It can now be sent to anyone, anywhere in the world and they can access this folder with the generated URL.

Create Local Folder to House Remote Folder


On the system where you want to initiate a connection to a remote folder:

In the Administration screen, create a new folder by right clicking on a folder node or folders and selecting [New Folder...].


  • Enter the name for the folder under the [Name:] field.

  • Select [Remote Folders] from the dropdown [Type:] dropdown list (once you select "Remote Folders" you will see new options appear on this popup under the heading "Remote access parameters").

  • [Description:] is optional.

  • Under the new options for remote folders, enter the remotely generated URL into the [URL:] field

  • Click the arrow for the [Authentication mode:] dropdown and select [Using provided credentials]. Enter the credentials your admin at the remote site created for the account you want to impersonate for accessing the remote folder.
  • Click [Ok] when done.

The remote folder and its contents will now appear as a child folder, in the local folder we created for remote ticketboxes.

Please note: Should the remote server go down, you will not be able to connect to this folder. An error message will display where the remote folder contents would normally be displayed, to notify you if this happens.

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