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Integration - Concept introduction

Integrating FocalScope (a transactional data tool) with SugarCRM (a client / customer data tool) allows one to selectively filter data from FocalScope for addition to the client / customer database of SugarCRM. Data in FocalScope can be thought of as either relevant client / customer data or irrelevant data. Relevant client / customer data (which would be beneficial to have in SugarCRM) can manually be archived to SugarCRM by an agent, or automatically by FocalScope.

As a result of the integration between the two systems, agents in FocalScope can also directly create nearly all object types in SugarCRM when new emails and live chats are manually archived. This simplifies the data sharing process and improves visibility (thus reducing errors) when new information is shared from FocalScope to SugarCRM.

Archiving methods explained

It is possible to use either automatic or manual email and live chat archiving in FocalScope.

Automatic archiving will take all existing emails and live chats in the designated ticketbox(es) and chat group(s) and create new contacts in SugarCRM if no corresponding contact is found for a customer email address associated with the FocalScope email / live chat. FocalScope live chats are saved as cases under the SugarCRM contact, while FocalScope emails are saved as emails.

Manual archiving has certain advantages over automatic archiving, namely:

  1. Selectively pick emails or live chat sessions to be archived
  2. Explicitly set up relationships between FocalScope data being archived and SugarCRM objects

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