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How the 'Reopened' ticket-state tab works

The 'reopened' ticket-state tab serves a special purpose of giving agents a focused view of tickets that have been reopened after temporary closure. This ensures that agents can quickly and efficiently deal with historical tickets that are now ready to be actioned on further. This article details how the 'reopened' ticket-state tab works.


Getting tickets to reopen in the 'Reopened' ticket-state tab

  1. Right click a ticket in the [Open] state tab and select the [Put Ticket On Hold] action
  2. Set the [Hold for further action on] timer to reopen the ticket at a later date and time. If necessary, provide a descriptive reason for why the ticket has been placed on hold
  3. The ticket will be removed from the [Open] state tab the moment you click [Ok / No Reason] and placed in the [On-Hold] state tab
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Figure 1 - Putting a ticket on hold for future reopening

  1. The ticket will remain in the [On hold] state tab until such time that it is automatically reopened by the system at the date and time specified for the [Hold for further action...] setting
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Figure 2 - Ticket in 'on-hold' state

  1. Once the system reopens the ticket, it will appear under the [Reopened] state tab [highlighted in red) to allow agents to focus only on ticket that are ready for further action. Please note: If an agent were to manually reopen the ticket, then the ticket will also appear in the [Reopened] state tab. Similarly, if a 'closed' or 'on hold' ticket receives a new email, it will also show under the [Reopened] tab
  2. Additionally, tickets that appear under the [Reopened ] state tab will also appear in the [Open] state tab (highlighted in blue), but such tickets will have a unique icon to indicate that they are reopened by the system

Figure 3 - How system-reopened tickets appear

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