Behind every great customer experience is a great workflow

Manage your teams effectively and automate your workflows with intelligent routing, queues and SLA. We bring together features that are required to automate, distribute and prioritize tickets and calls, and everything in between. Make changes on the fly, as many times as you want, and whenever you need.

The backbone of your contact center software

Never miss an opportunity

Ensure every call, SMS, and message gets through to your support team, even after hours.

Prioritise VIP customers

Allow VIP customers to skip queues, so you can attend to them as fast as possible. 

Optimise workforce

Distribute tasks efficiently across all locations and channels. Fine-tune the strategy as you go.

Automate workflows using FocalScope

Automate the distribution of tasks, so agents can better focus on your customers.

Prioritise VIP customers


With a tiered approach, you can group customers and prioritise them according to your requirements.

Using routing and processing rules to scan and identify customers and important keywords, we prioritise VIP customers and allow them to skip queues across all your channels.

As an integrated part of the platform all touch points and interactions for each customer will be visible on the customer card. 

Auto-assign to next available agent


Availability routing ensures the fastest response times by distribute tasks to the next available agent. Customise your routing strategy according to your operating hours, shifts, and timezone.

Availability routing ensures continued support across shifts, so that customers won’t be left hanging till the next day. Outside of business hours, you can use backup flows or forward calls to mobile phones to ensure help is available to customers.

First in, first out


Round-robin queues work to dispatch tickets and inbound calls to agents based on the first in, first out principle.

In the event an agent fails to respond within SLA policies, FocalScope can be configured to redistribute the task to the next available agent.

Tickets falling behind schedule will be flagged and displayed in ticket backlog and SLA views so your team is notified immediately.

Optimise utilisation

Fair distribution

Distribute calls to agents fairly based on utilisation metrics like least talk time, fewest calls answers, and more. Balance the workload in the team, and ensure that agent capacity is utilised productively.

Fair distribution also helps you to tap into the full potential of your teams situated across multiple locations, and eliminate any work silos.

Routing by agents’ skillsets


Skills-based routing automatically matches incoming tickets and calls with the most qualified agents. Your customers get better and faster answers to their inquiries because agents handling their case know what they’re talking about.

For added convenience, agents can work out of a dedicated view that filter and display emails, calls and live chats assigned to them.

Provide continuous support

Preferred agent

Distribute tickets and calls according to whomever handled the same customer previously. Preferential routing allows agents to provide highly personalised and meaningful customer experiences.

Similarly, you can assign account managers to be the single point of contact for all enquiries, across channels, coming from their respective customers.

Manual approach

In situations where manual assignment of tickets is required, FocalScope gives you the flexibility to do so manually.

Stay on top of SLA targets

Oversee performance using SLA profiles

Set up service-level agreement (SLA) profiles to improve the ease of monitoring ticket status and ensure customer satisfaction is met. 

  • Specify working hours and conditions for the SLA timer to pause or stop e.g. when a ticket is closed, or placed on hold. 
  • Configure different alerts as the ticket ages. The system can flag in red colour, alert a supervisor, or mirror the ticket in an escalated, rapid-response inbox.
  • Generate SLA reports to measure compliance and identify operational bottlenecks for further improvements. 

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