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Download preconfigured Thick Client from FocalScope login page

The FocalScope Thick Client improves performance, reduces the resource drain on the system, and adds other time-saving features, such as drag-and-drop and global hotkeys. With all the advantages of the Thick Client, it is naturally recommended that you use the Thick Client as the standard method to access your FocalScope instance. This article will detail how the Thick Client is downloaded  (for both on-premise and cloud-hosted FocalScope instances) from your FocalScope instance's login page.

Downloading the Thick Client

  1. Enter your FocalScope instance URL into the browser
  2. At the login prompt, click the [Thick Client] link (indicated by arrow)
  3. Click the dropdown tab and select [Save As]

Please note: If you receive any warnings about the file being potentially harmful or that the published cannot be verified, please disregard these warnings. The file is perfectly safe to download and run on your computer.

Figure 2 - Downloading the Thick Client for on-premise instances

Saving and launching the Thick Client

  1. When prompted, navigate to your Desktop folder
  2. Click [Save File] to download the Thick Client to your desktop

Figure 3 - Saving the Thick Client to your desktop

When you launch the Thick Client for the first time, you will most likely receive a security warning. To ensure you do not get the security warning every time you launch the Thick Client, do the following:

  1. At the security warning, untick the tickbox [Always ask before opening this file] and run the installer (it is perfectly safe to do so despite the prompt)
  2. After the Thick Client downloads the full installer package and initiates the installation, click [Yes] to install the Thick Client
  3. Login as usual with your FocalScope login credentials

Figure 4 - Security warning when launching the Thick Client

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