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Call Setup

To modify  Call Setup, go to Call Setup in the telephony Menu

In this option, there are some global settings to set.

  • Ignore voice messages shorter than: If a voice left by the caller is shorter than 4(default) sec, the voice message will not be saved. This is to prevent agents from getting flooded by invalid or caller hangup voicemails.
  • Terminate voice message after silence of: If there is a silence when recording of 3(default) sec, the recording will be terminated. This is to prevent hung calls from sending long voicemail with silent recordings.
  • Default timeout for dial command: This is a global settings for how many seconds individual agent incoming call will ring by default before going to voicemails.
  • Type of calls : Select the call types you do not want to be recorded.
    Incoming - Enable/Disable call recording for Incoming Calls.
    Outgoing - Enable/Disable call recording for Outgoing Calls. This includes speed dial numbers.
    Internal - Enable/Disable call recording for Internal Calls. This includes calls between agents.
    Login -  Enable/Disable call recording for Login related calls. This includes pause/unpause.
    API - Enable/Disable call recording for Calls in relation to API integrations.
    Conference - Enable/Disable call recording for Conferences.

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