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Tickets placed on hold appearing under the closed tab

FocalScope ticket states are very useful for organizing tickets into different priorities and to keep a clear overview of pressing matters. This article explains why on hold tickets appear duplicated under the closed tab and how to spot the difference between closed tickets and on hold tickets under the closed tab.


On hold tickets will also appear under the closed tab because FocalScope treats on hold tickets as temporarily closed tickets, thus on hold tickets appear in both the on hold and closed tabs. When a ticket is put on hold it is actually closed, but with additional instruction given to the system to reopen it automatically at a certain time. This behavior can be observed by doing the following:

  • Right click a ticket and select [Put Ticket On Hold]

Figure 1 - Placing a ticket on hold

  • Click the [On Hold] tab. The ticket that was placed on hold will now be visible under the on hold tab

Figure 2 - A ticket in the on hold tab

  • Click on the [Closed] tab. The ticket that was placed on hold will also be visible under the closed tab, despite the fact that the ticket was not explicitly closed. Tickets that were closed will not have the [clock] icon highlighted in Figure 3, which indicates that the ticket will be reopened at a future time (exactly what one would expect for a ticket placed on hold)

Figure 3 - Distinguishing between on hold and closed tickets

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