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Introduction to Email Tickets

In this chapter, we will learn about tickets and messages and how to use them for collaboration. This lesson specifically, gives an introduction to the tickets and messages in Focalscope.

Columns for Message Inbox


Refer to the table above to understand what each column of the email inbox displays.

Message Status


The message status column has icons which indicates the present status of each message. Refer to the image below to understand what each icon, displayed in front of a message, means.

Icon Meanings


Each message icon in FocalScope and its meaning.

Outgoing Messages


Messages which are being sent or failed to send, are placed in the [Outgoing] folder. You may right click on the unsent message and click [Resend] to retry sending it.

Sent Messages


Once FocalScope has sent an e-mail message, a reference to that message can be found in the Agent’s [Sent Items folder]. You may view, forward, resend or delete sent messages from the [Sent Items] folder by right clicking a message in the list in the right pane, then select to [Forward], [Resend] or [Delete] the selected message.

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