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How to configure and use the survey automation tool

The survey automation tool is used to dispatch multiple survey requests at once. For the survey automation tool to work correctly, it needs a functional survey API link and several configurations in its run command and CSV text file that contains the API fields. This article details how to configure and use the survey automation tool.

Please note: The survey automation tool (survey automation can be downloaded from the attachments section at the end of this article.


How to configure and generate the survey API link


Configuring and using the survey API console

Before the survey automation tool can be used, the run.cmd file has to be configured as follows:

  1. Right-click the file and select [Edit]
  2. Ensure that the first entry in the file is SurveyApiConsole.exe. The first entry is then followed--on the same line--by a combination of the following parameters (the value for each being contained between "", e.g., --FilePath="APIfields.txt"):
    1. --ApiUrl - this is where you should paste the generated survey API link
    2. --FilePath - a local file path (e.g., C:\SurveyConfig\APIfields.txt) or an FTP file path (e.g., to a CSV text file that contains the API fields. Please note: This file must contain comma separated values for all API fields and their values (see Figure 2), and each row below the API fields represents a new survey request. If the CSV text file is located inside same folder as the SurveyAPIConsole.exe, then the full path to the file need not be specified
    3. --FtpUser - the FTP server login username (required when FTP file path is used in parameter 2)
    4. --FtpPassword - the FTP server login password (required when FTP file path is used in parameter 2)
  3. Save the configuration changes to the run.cmd file
  4. To dispatch the newly configured survey request with API fields (see Figure 3), execute the run.cmd file

Figure 1 - Editing the run.cmd file

Figure 2 - Properly formatted CSV text file with API fields

Figure 3 - Survey request with API fields visible (as dispatched to customer)

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