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Why am I receiving my own emails?

Because FocalScope shows email conversations as threads, spotting duplication of emails becomes more obvious. A common example of email duplication is when an agent sends out an email and accidentally or unknowingly enters their own email address in the To, Cc or Bcc fields. This article will detail how you can determine if you accidentally sent an email to yourself in FocalScope, thus creating a duplicate entry in a tread.


Entering one's own email address in the To, Cc, or Bcc fields of a sent email.


Detecting duplicated emails

  1. Look for emails with the same subject, From, and To address in the same thread
  2. Check the time-stamp in the [Sent] column of the older email. If the time-stamp matches (or falls within a few seconds of) the times-stamp recorded in the next email's [Received] column, you are most likely looking at a duplicated email
  3. Check the body of these emails to see if the contents are the same. Also, check the [From] field of the younger email for your own email address (indicating you created a duplicate by sending the email to yourself)
  4. Check the [To] and [Cc] fields of the older email to see if your email address is contained therein (indicating you created a duplicate by sending the email to yourself)

Figure 1 - Spotting duplicated emails in the message list

Verifying the cause of a duplicated email

Another place to look at to determine how an email got duplicated is the email header. To check the email header of an email, do the following:

  1. Double click to open the email from the message list
  2. Select [View > Email Header]
  3. Look if the From address appears in the To, CC, or BCC  lists (if it does, you created a duplicate by sending the email to yourself )

Figure 2 - Checking the email header information

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