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Configuring data synchronization for the Mobile Client

This article details how to configure data synchronization between your office FocalScope and the FocalScope Mobile Client.


Selecting FocalScope Data to Synchronize with Your Mobile Device

By default, only an agent's private folders, contacts, and notes will be synchronized with their mobile device when they first log in to the Mobile Client. To synchronize shared folders (ticketboxes), they need to be explicitly marked in the Mobile Client configuration screen.

To access the Mobile Client configuration screen, do the following:

  1. In the [Main Menu], select [Configuration > Mobile Client > Configure]
  2. Specify the maximum number of emails to synchronize from each folder
  3. Specify how far back in time to fetch tickets from the FocalScope server
  4. Select which private folders, shared folders, and contact lists you want to have available on your mobile device
  5. Tick the second column to enable the bell icon (indicated by the arrows) to enable push notification for that folder

Push notification helps agents prioritize which folders are more critical, so they can action on them first.

Figure 1 - Synchronization parameters

Enabling Agent Views in the Mobile Client

In the same configuration screen, managers and supervisors can synchronize the private folders of the agents they oversee with Agent Views. (Push notification can also be enabled for these folders.)

Figure 2 - Agent folders in Agent Views

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