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How to configure and use FocalScope's Ticket Queue Equalizer

FocalScope's Ticket Queue Equalizer runs independently of FocalScope's Ticket Queues. It is typically used to override maximum length of ticket queue specified per agent and distribute large amounts of tickets occasionally. This article details how to configure and enable the Ticket Queue Equalizer.

The equalizer is activated either manually or on a configured schedule. Every time it's activated the equalizer runs until it assigns all unassigned tickets available in the queue or until it assigns amount of tickets specified in the [Maximum tickets] parameter. When the equalizer is active it overrides maximum length of the ticket queue with value specified in the [Tickets per agent] parameter for every agent whose maximum queue length is less than value of the parameter. The equalizer affects only agents who are online when it runs.

Please note, it is advisable not to use the Ticket Queue Equalizer in conjunction with the Ticket Queue timeout feature, because their effects cancel each other out.



  1. In the [Main menu], select [Screen > Administration]
  2. Click the [Administration] tab
  3. Navigate to the [Workflow Configuration > Ticket Queues] folder
  4. Right click the Ticket Queue that you wish to enable the Ticket Queue Equalizer for and select [Equalizer]
  5. Once the [Ticket queue equalizer] window appears, click the [General] tab
  6. Under the [Ticket queue equalizer] section, note the following settings:
    1. [Run schedule] - from the drop-down menu select either [Once] or [Recurrent], depending on your needs. Please note, if this field is set to [Never], it means the Ticket Queue Equalizer is deactivated and will have no effect on ticket distribution
    2. [Start time] - specify the date & time at which the Ticket Queue Equalizer will initialize and distribute tickets according to your defined parameters
    3. [Repeat every] - set the interval at which the Ticket Queue Equalizer will reassess the ticket distributions to available agents and run as per its configuration
    4. [Maximum tickets] - set the maximum number of tickets that will be processed per a single operation of the Ticket Queue Equalizer
    5. [Tickets per agent] - define how many tickets individual agents may have after each run the Ticket Queue Equalizer
  7. Click [Ok] to save the configuration and to activate the Ticket Queue Equalizer

Figure 1 - Ticket Queue Equalizer settings

To see the state of ticket distributions for the corresponding ticket queue, click on the [Queue] tab in the [Ticket queue equalizer] window.

  1. [Agent Name]: The agents that are serviced by the Ticket Queue
  2. [Assigned by Queue]: Current number of tickets assigned to an agent by the Ticket Queue. The blue bar is a dynamic graphic to indicate the level at which each agent's ticket queue is filled
  3. [Assigned Total]: The total number of tickets assigned to an agent (manual assignments are included in this field)
  4. [Max Queue]: The queue length as set in the Ticket Queue parameters (see the prerequisites for this article)

Figure 2 - Monitoring ticket distribution

To see the activity log of the Ticket Queue Equalizer, click the [Log] tab. The log will contain information, such as when the Ticket Queue Equalizer last ran, whether it is actively running, etc.

Figure 3 - Ticket Queue Equalizer log

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