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Warning message from Internet Explorer for email reply

When using Internet Explorer to access your FocalScope instance, you may occasionally get warning messages from the browser when you attempt to do certain actions, e.g., reply to an email. Most warning messages can be cleared by clearing the Internet Explorer's cache; however, we recommend that you use the Thin Client exclusively because of its stability and performance benefits. This article details how to reset Internet Explorer's cache as well as how you can download the FocalScope Thin Client.


How to download the FocalScope Thin Client (on-premise and cloud-hosted editions)

Troubleshooting and solution

  1. The Object doesn't support property or method 'match' warning usually occurs when trying to respond to an email while using Internet Explorer to access FocalScope. The warning does not allow the send action to complete
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Figure 1 - Warning when trying to reply to an email

To prevent the warning from blocking your actions in FocalScope, do the following:

  1. In the top right-hand corner of Internet Explorer, click the [Tools] icon (highlighted in blue) and select [Safety > Delete browsing history]
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Figure 2 - Accessing Internet Explorer's cache settings

  1. Untick the [Preserve Favorites website data] flag and tick all the ones below it
  2. Click [Delete]
  3. Give a few minutes for the cached data to be deleted
  4. Download the FocalScope Thin Client (on-premise and cloud-hosted editions) and use it to connect to your FocalScope instance

Figure 3 - Deleting Internet Explorer's cached data

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