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How to delete (purge) old emails to free up disk space

As your FocalScope database grows with years of use, it is recommended that you remove outdated information to maintain performance levels and adequate disk space for new data. This article details the process of deleting emails of a certain age and verifying how much disk space gets freed up as a result.



Deleting old emails with a data purging routine

The following instructions will help you determine the exact amount of space your FocalScope database occupies, and how much space has been relinquished after a data purging routine has completed:

  1. Generate the [Email traffic per month]:
    1. In the [Main menu], select [Screen > Workspace]
    2. Navigate to the [Shared Items > Shared reports > System reports] folder
    3. Double-click the [Email traffic per month] entry and [Generate] a [Live Excel] report
  2. Observe the total disk space used up by the data types contained in your FocalScope database (highlighted in red)
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Figure 1 - Setting up a purge routine to delete old emails

  1. Set up a data purge routine:
    1. In the [Main menu], select [Screen > Administration]
    2. Click the [Advanced Properties] tab (highlighted in red)
    3. Navigate to the [Maintenance > Data purging] folder
    4. Set up a data purging routine that deletes all emails older than a certain amount of days 
    5. Let the purging routine run to completion
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Figure 2 - Verifying disk space freed up by purging

  1. Generate the [Email traffic per month] again to determine how much space has been relinquished by the last purge routine
  2. Please note: Only once the data has completely been removed from the database, will the database size update in the status bar (highlighted in blue in Figure 2)

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