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Why are outgoing emails delayed or not sent at all?

Emails sent from within FocalScope can be delayed by various factors. FocalScope does not function as a mail server, so it depends on other systems to deliver email to the intended recipients.


  • People receive emails sent by you but only after a long delay (can be hours or even days)
  • People complain that they are not receiving emails you sent to them


  • Incorrect email account credentials have been used
  • The mail server offline or over-capacitated
  • The mail server has blacklisted the FocalScope server IP address
  • Incorrectly formatted email address in a mailing list


Testing the SMTP functionality for the associated email account

  1. In the [Main menu], select [Screen > Administration]
  2. Navigate to the corresponding email address of the affected folder(s)
  3. Pay attention especially to the [Check every: X min.] setting, server address, and account credentials
  4. Perform an SMTP test  to see if the email account is capable of sending emails

Figure 1 - SMTP test failure error message

Viewing errors related to outgoing emails that fail to send

  1. In the [Main menu], select [Screen > Administration]
  2. Click on the [Administration] tab
  3. Select the [Email status & error reporting > Outgoing traffic] folder
  4. Note the error message for the undelivered email

Figure 2 - Outgoing email error page


  • Ensure the correct email account details are entered in the [E-mail account Properties] window
  • White list the FocalScope server IP address in your mail server. See When testing an email account, the message ‘Connection refused’ is displayed for more information
  • Go through the list of email addresses in a mailing list and make sure all emails are correctly entered, properly formatted, and separated only by a semicolon ';'

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