Answer messages from Facebook, WhatsApp on a single platform 

Two in three people are messaging businesses on social media for basic enquiries, product support or to make purchases. Leverage FocalScope contact center software to engage customers where they are already present, such as Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp and SMS.

Make yours the brand people choose first

Make it convenient for customers to reach you on their favourite apps, and easy for agents to respond to everything from FocalScope.


Within FocalScope, interact with customers through posts and comments on your Facebook page. Open up a 1-1 support channel on Facebook Messenger.


Don’t miss out on this fast-growing channel. Use it to send proactive messages and notify customers of any service updates, offers and promotions.


Connect with 2 billion users, showcase your products using WhatsApp for Business, and use FocalScope to manage all incoming messages in one place.


Engage customers using FocalScope’s 2-way SMS gateway. Answer texts, send out news or confirm appointments from within FocalScope.

Harness the popularity of messaging apps

Meet them where they are

More and more people are turning to messaging apps to contact businesses for its sheer convenience. Consequently, messaging is now one of the fastest and easiest ways to reach your customers effectively. Make use of this by offering new support channels, and benefit from increased sales, faster resolution times and higher customer satisfaction.

With FocalScope, you can add multiple messaging accounts across different  brands and locations. This way, agents can have simultaneous conversations across various platforms without having to switch between tabs or devices. 

One, unified platform for all

A central hub for all social media messages

FocalScope allows you to assign multiple agents per channel, without being limited by the number of linked devices. This enables different agents to carry on the conversation between shifts, facilitating continuous support for customer round the clock, and giving response times a healthy boost. 

Outside of business hours, or when agents are busy, you can send auto-replies to inform customers of potential delays. At the same time, let them know about any upcoming news and promotions. 

Engage customers like a friend

Deliver customer happiness

Allow customers to interact with you while they browse through your Facebook page. Make it easy for them to ask about specific products or services through comments or direct messages (DMs).

Using FocalScope’s universal customer card, agents can also view recent interactions across all channels, past orders, as well as helpful internal notes on their preferences, and more. This provides agents with the context needed to personalise messages, and recommend products based on their habits.

At the same time, agents can also take the chance to spotlight new products or offer time-limited discount codes to drive sales.

Omnichannel support made simple

Provide remarkable customer service on every channel using FocalScope’s full-suite helpdesk solution.

Email ticketing

Handle millions of emails accurately and efficiently every day.


Flexible and scalable telephony system for big and small businesses.

Live chat and bots

Interact with website visitors in real time and boost conversion.

Knowledge base

Help customers help themselves with FAQs and support articles.

Start messaging customers today

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