Bring it all together with built-in voice capabilities

As part of our broader omnichannel suite, FocalScope’s voice solution allows businesses to connect teams through a unified telephony system. Route calls intelligently, prioritise them by SLA, and measure caller sentiment – all automatically.

Centralised management

Add phone numbers, agents, queues and call flows and monitor business interactions from a single centralised platform to support your global operation. Empower your agents to work remotely.


Secure and reliable

Answer calls from your browser using our built-in native phone system. Enable secure HD calls with enterprise-grade reliability and quality of service. Connect SIP-based VoIP devices or softphones.

Cloud, on-premise or hybrid

Deploy FocalScope call center software as a cloud-based, on-premises or hybrid solution to meet voice requirements. Implement securely within your current IT infrastructure.

Scalable voice system for 5 or 5000 employees

With FocalScope, you can deploy unified contact centers around the world and manage them centrally.

Small businesses

Build up your customer service reputation with the easiest, most cost-effective call center solution out there. We help you do more with less, so you and your team can focus on growing your business.

Mid-sized companies

Upgrade your customer support offering as your business grows and customers expect more from you. Explore more sophisticated features and integrations from FocalScope as you go along.

Global enterprises

Deliver seamless voice and great customer experience across the world. Tailor deployment according to local environments. Manage operations and teams from a central platform. 

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SLA compliance

Feature-rich call center solution

Customise a scalable voice experience

In just a few clicks, you can set up a seamless caller experience using our built-in text-to-speech features.

Without spending on voice actors or equipment, you can produce hyper-realistic audio recordings for greetings, announcements, IVR-enabled call routing, FAQ answers, phone surveys, and much more.

Customise everything from the gender, pitch, and accent of the voice. Your voice styles and settings will always be available, so you can make changes down the road quickly, and without incurring extra cost.

Remote ready, interconnected teams

Work remotely with borderless architecture

At its core, FocalScope’s voice system is designed as a virtual platform connecting agents situated across the world.

Agents can make and receive voice calls from desk phones, mobile softphones, or their browser. While talking, agents can take notes easily using specific pop-up forms dedicated to their function (e.g. sales, support or technical). To facilitate shift transitions, agents can turn calls into follow-up tickets, and leave internal notes for colleagues.

To manage teams remotely, managers are equipped with live dashboards and reporting for monitoring traffic and performance across all channels and locations. Among other training features, they can also listen in, whisper or barge into live calls to support agents.

Round-the-clock efficiency

Call routing and SLA alerts for every situation

FocalScope allows you to configure call queues, ring groups and call flow strategies for all agents, regardless of location. Efficient routing reduces waiting and handling times, eliminates work silos, and ensures agents are doing tasks they are skilled at.

Complementary to this, FocalScope’s SLA feature allows you to key in performance targets to the system, such as waiting times, and warns the team periodically when it is about to be breached.

  • Set up operating hours with timezone-specific routing. Configure after-hours routing to standby teams or mobile phones.
  • Create SLA-dependent routing to escalate calls to a rapid-response team upon reaching threshold.
  • Reduce customer waiting time by putting a cap on queue sizes. Upon time-out, automatically redirect calls to back-up queues.

Collect post-call customer feedback

Conduct post-call CSAT or NPS surveys

After every completed call, trigger a survey to collect customer feedback. Choose from our pre-built CSAT and NPS survey templates, or formulate your own questions. 

Post-call surveys can be deployed via IVRs, where customers rate their experience via key strokes, or through an SMS survey. Customise every survey parameter to your needs, including your recipients, languages, and more. Get low-score alerts sent to your mailbox, trace back its original call recording, and deploy service recovery where necessary.

Outside of surveys, you can also subtly measure customer sentiment by screening calls for their tone and language, and get notified when certain undesirable words are mentioned. 

Add CSAT and NPS scores to your live dashboards and reporting

Add customer satisfaction ratings to your daily wallboards, and measure them against SLAs or internal KPIs. Incorporate CSAT and NPS data into specific call reports for cross-referencing and find out your customers’ ideal call waiting times and handling times before satisfaction dips. Establish these timings as your new gold standard, and drive targeted performance improvements towards them.

What I really like about the FocalScope is that I can manage our customer service team and all our 60+ retail outlets from within the same system. 

Morten S.
Customer service manager, Silvan

Best-in-class voice capabilities

With hundreds of smart features, and more added every month, FocalScope’s call center solution is constantly being enhanced.

Desk phones

Connect traditional desk phones using SIP-based VoIP devices from leading manufacturers like Polycom and Yealink.

Native phones

Use FocalScope built-in native phone directly from your browser or FocalScope desktop app.

Soft phones

Install and connect your favourite SIP softphones like Zoiper or Bria.

Microsoft Teams

FocalScope can route calls to Microsoft Teams, so customer service agents can make and receive calls from there. Useful for companies that already have an existing Teams set-up in place.

Port-in phone numbers

Companies do not need to give up their existing numbers. Port in any local and international phone numbers and activate them in FocalScope using SIP trunk.

Virtual phone numbers

Leverage FocalScope virtual numbers to make and receive calls from any location or device (e.g. desk phone, mobile phone or soft phone) using VoIP. Perfect for remote team set-up. 

Call logs

Track your inbound and outbound calls. View caller name, number, and call duration with timestamps. Review missed calls and identify potential bottlenecks with weekly heatmaps. Retrieve call recordings and phone survey results. 

Call routing

Route callers to the right team and agent based on priority, availability, skill etc. Automatically distribute work to agents based on round-robin, utilisation targets, or define specific key account managers.


Office hours and shift-specific routing

Input time-zone specific office hours and allocate agents as required. Outside of office hours, set a roster for agents on standby duty, send calls to voicemail or forward to mobiles. Great for mission critical situations and meeting SLAs.

Forward incoming calls to mobile phones

FocalScope can forward calls to external numbers including mobile phones and Skype. Allows agents to handle calls even after hours, and outside the office.

Voice mail

Allows customers to leave voicemails, where audio recordings are sent to your support team as tickets. Agents can easily triage the enquiry and follow-up. Voice mail can be triggered when queue limit is at maximum. 

Turn calls into follow-up tickets

Not all inquiries can be resolved in a single phone call. Users can convert calls into a new ticket or link to an existing ticket for further action. Allows traceability for any customer interaction across channels.


Use text-to-speech feature to type our desired messages, and FocalScope will convert the text into a professional human-like recording.

Nested IVRs

Leverage speech-to-text feature to create multi-level interactive voice responses (IVRs). Useful for routing calls to the right teams. For instance, “Press 1 for sales; Press 2 for technical support.”

Welcome greetings

Customise specific welcome greetings for each phone number that you have. Leverage text-to-speech to convert text into an audio message, or record your own voice clip.

Phone surveys

Collect customer feedback, CSAT and/or NPS ratings from callers via post-call SMS surveys, or text-to-speech enabled IVR surveys. Incorporate survey findings into call reports for deeper analysis. 


Call recording

Record inbound and outbound calls for training, quality and compliance purposes.


Voice-to-text transcription

FocalScope automatically transcribes calls from speech to text with high accuracy, which is great for investigations, settling disputes and training purposes.

Call listening

Monitor calls by silently listening into a live session while on mute. Call listening is a realistic method for quality checks, as agents would not be aware of the supervisor’s presence.

Call whispering

To support new or struggling agents, supervisors can whisper into a call. Only the agent (not the customer) will hear the whispers. 

Call barging

Allows supervisors to drop in on live calls as a third-party, to help agents as well as customers answer any higher-order enquiries. 


Pop-up form template

To facilitate note taking, users can configure a form with desired input fields. This form will pop-up every time a call is received, for support agents to fill up conveniently in short form. 


Warm transfer

With warm transfer, support agents can speak to one another before the call gets transferred. This allows agents to check availability, knowledge and provide the customer context.


Profanity alerts

FocalScope can notify supervisors when profanities and any undesirable language are mentioned in calls. Alerts can also configured for when competitors’ names or any other keyword of interest are mentioned. 

Agent present status

Agent availability status is visible across all channels, allowing supervisors to redistribute and balance the workload as required.

Click to dial

Agents can use the “click to dial” button in the FocalScope system to call customers directly when an email or live chat message from them is received.

Conference Calls

Set up audio conferencing with ease using FocalScope dial-in numbers. International and / or external parties can also join.

Concurrent calls

Make and receive unlimited concurrent calls using the same number. Useful for hotlines.

Callback widget

Enables website visitors to request a callback via a contact form. FocalScope can either trigger an immediate callback, or send the details to agents as a ticket for later action.

Waiting music

Play music when customers are on hold. Select tracks within the system or upload your own.

Customer card

Get a 360-degree view of prior interactions with each customer across any channel. Emails, live chats, voice calls or social media – FocalScope will connect and display all your messages. 


Customise your dashboard using pre-built templates. Get real-time insights on your team’s performance using live data such as inbound and outbound call volume, missed calls, voice mails etc. 


Customise reports according to your business needs. Download or schedule them to be automatically sent to your mailbox. Reports are Excel-based for easy analysis. 

Measure SLA

Define SLAs policies based on your customers’ needs. Configure alerts so FocalScope will warn you ahead of time, and ensure your SLAs are always met. Measure performance using reporting features. 


Connect your favorite business apps like Shopify, Magento2 etc. Display relevant customer data like open orders and purchase history within FocalScope.

Let’s get technical

Failover configuration

In the unlikely event of an outage, FocalScope automatically connects incoming calls to a fallback number, ensuring incoming calls always come through in any situation. 

Global configuration

Any change made in the FocalScope configuration is automatically replicated to all connected voice managers across locations. This saves time by eliminating repetitive administrative work.

SIP-based system

FocalScope VoIP capabilities are SIP-based and allow you to connect with any SIP-compliant hardware devices and SIP ITSP providers.

Create unique business logic

In unique situations where custom codes may be required, administrators can create and embed them within FocalScope. This allows FocalScope to be extended seamlessly to accomplish certain tasks quickly. For instance, to validate caller identity by verifying their membership number against an existing CRM database.

System monitoring and alerts

All voice managers, trunks, and extensions connected to FocalScope are constantly being monitored. Administrators can configure thresholds and alerts in the system to receive email and SMS notifications immediately in the event of any outages or errors. 

Security with or without VPN

FocalScope allows you to securely communicate between voice managers and users, reducing deployment time drastically. For large organisations with hundreds of locations, FocalScope voice managers can be implemented in a cloud and on-premise combination without needing expensive firewalls. Or, we can continue to sit behind existing VPN technologies.

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