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Language Options

FocalScope's UI language can quickly be translated into other languages to suit your language needs. This is done using Google translate and can be performed selectively on certain parts of the interface or completely. Follow the steps below to translate your FocalScope UI to your preferred language.


Click on the [UI Translation] tab located at the bottom left corner of the administration screen.


On the left pane, right click [UI Languages] node and select new language.


Enter the ID of the language you wish to add. You may refer to the list of Language ID for the ID code.

Translate all FocalScope pages to another language

The newly added language will appear in the list of languages in the left pane. You may now right click on the particular language, then click and select [translate all pages...] or browse and select any pages you wish to translate individually, highlighted in the right hand pane.


If you have chosen to translate all pages, the following screen appears as shown below. Click on the [Translate] button and the pages will get translated to the language of your choice. Successfully translated pages will have a green "tick" icon appear at the right corner of that line (as shown). Pages in the process of being translated are represented by a grey "loading" icon.

Translate/edit single pages to another language


In individual page translations (double click any page form the right hand pane) you can translate down to individual "Elements". You will see a preview of the translation from the current language to the new one. Remember to always save your settings by clicking [Save] once you've made your translations here.


Having saved the translation on all required pages, agents on FocalScope can view their FocalScope in the new language on their next login. At the login screen, users will be able to choose the language they wish to view in FocalScope by first clicking the [Options] button.


Select the language of your choice from the [Language] drop down field, click ok to save setting.


Your selection will take effect once you have saved your selections as shown in the previous step.

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