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Queue Monitor

Dashboard - Queue Monitor

To access Queue Monitor, click on the arrow beside the telephony dashboard and select queue monitor.

A Summary Dashboard will popup on your screen. Below is an example with queue name removed.

Refresh: Set it to auto or manual refreshing.

Start of the shift: Set the start of the shift for the populated data you require.

Do note that each line is for a separate queue.

Below are description for each of the table's column.

Calls - Total: Total calls for the queue.

Calls - Missed: Number of missed call for the queue.

Calls - Missed %: Percentage of missed calls

Duration - Average: Averange duration of calls for the queue.

Duration - Longest: Longest duration of call for the queue.

Wait - Average: Average wait time for the queue.

Wait - Longest: Longest wait time for the queue.

Position - Avg. Average position when a caller comes into the queue.

Position - Max: Maximum position when a caller comes into the queue.

Calls Now - Wait: The number of caller that is waiting in the queue.

Calls Now - Ans: The number of calls that is being answered by the agents.

Members Now - On: Queue members that is online.

Members Now - Psd: Queue members that is paused.

Members Now - Rdy: Queue members that is ready and waiting to receive calls.

Members Now - Call: Queue members that is currently on a call.

Members Now - Busy: Queue members that is currently on a call or paused.

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