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View Live Chat History

This lesson demonstrates how administrators can view the activities and conversations which were logged from Live Chat, by using the Live Chat's [History] folder. They can also blacklist a particular ip address to block someone from reaching agents.

In the left pane of the Administration screen, expand the [Instant messaging], [Live Chat] nodes and click the [History] folder. This will display the live chat history list and IP's in the right pane. The administrator can choose to blacklist/whitelist any IP address from this screen. Right click on the contact you wish to blacklist/whitelist and then click [Blacklist IP address] or [Whitelist IP address].


Future requests from the blacklisted IP address will not reach the agents directly. Instead, the user will see an offline message notifying them that agents are offline, and they may leave an offline message, which will be placed in the ticketbox designated for offline messages.


  1. To view the chat log of a single live chat conversation, double click on the name of the chat you wish to view, and click on the [Chat Log] tab.
  2. Use the search bar to look for a word or phrase, in the conversation, and the line with the keywords you searched for will be displayed.
  3. You may use the [<<Prev] or [Next>>] buttons to browse the conversation history If the chat log has multiple pages.
  4. The e-mail button allows you to forward the entire chat log to your e-mail address.

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