FocalScope SLA - fillter by folder and agent
Tuesday, January 16, 2018 1:42 AM

Tutorial on how to apply agent and folder filter for your SLA folders

Setup your SLA folders

Follow this guide to setup your SLA folders

Apply agent and folder filter to SLA folders

This feature in FocalScope allow you to consolidate multiple SLA folders into one virtual combined SLA folder.

Furthermore, you can filter the SLA records you like to see displayed in the consolidated SLA folder.

You can filter by ticket folder and agent name.

Go to workspace in FocalScope and then right click on folder and the select [New folder]

Select the type [SLA Consolidations]

Enter the name for the new SLA Consolidation folder

Select the SLA folders to consolidate

Select ticketboxes

Select agents

Press [Ok] to save the new SLA consolidation folder