Create a beautiful online self-service portal 

It’s a win-win situation: More than 80% of customers search for answers on their own before reaching out to customer support. With FocalScope, you can create a stunning, branded online customer portal directly linked to your existing website, and start serving up instant answers.

Share knowledge on your online customer portal

Give customers, employees and partners the information they need – instantly.
FocalScope makes it easy to create, manage and share knowledge base articles across all channels.

Quick and easy set-up

Create one or more customer portals that speaks to your brands. Fill it up with articles and start helping customers right away.

Self-help round the clock

Empower customers to help themselves online during any time of day, so they can get instant support on their own, and at their own pace. 

Decrease ticket volume

Self-help and knowledge bases reduce ticket volume by 40% on average. Let agents use their skills on more complex enquiries instead. 


Global search

Allow customers to search the entire knowledge base for articles using free-text and keywords.

Increase organic traffic

Boost your SEO and rankings, driving a new stream of traffic to your website.

Viewership analytics

Monitor search terms and article viewership to identify gaps in your knowledge base.

Self-service portal for customers

Instant answers online

Customers tend to search for information on their own, before reaching out via email or voice. Make it easy for them to find answers they need, while reducing ticket volume at the same time.

Start with a pre-built template and tailor it to your company’s branding, so it blends seamlessly with your website. Next, within FocalScope, create, edit, or delete articles and publish changes directly on your online customer portal.

  • Upload images, videos, tables and links to suit your content.
  • Easily share articles through emails and live chats. Chatbots can also identify and grab relevant articles during chat sessions.
  • Add associated contact forms at the end of each article, and let FocalScope assign the email ticket to the right team.
Internal knowledge base for employees

Your team’s collective memory, all in one place

Leverage FocalScope’s knowledge base for your employees, and use it as an internal one-stop shop for agents to look up information quickly and accurately when customers ask for it.

Knowledge bases are great for documenting standard operating procedures (SOPs), call scripts, best practices, and more. With it, you can preserve valuable information across the company, supplement learning with universal training material, and build a library of valuable resources for all employees. 

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