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How to set up an exclusive reports folder in FocalScope

FocalScope users can set up exclusive report folders in either their personal folders or shared folders. Exclusive report folders are useful for managers, supervisors, or entire departments whose reports include information from areas of the system not intended to be seen by agents. Accessed to the exclusive report folders can be granted to individuals or groups by using the folder security controls. This article details how to set up exclusive report folders in either a personal or shared folder.


Creating and configuring a new exclusive report folder

  1. Right click either a personal or shared folder and select [New Folder]
  2. Under the [General] tab, set the name for the folder in the [Name] field
  3. Set the folder [Type] to [Reports]
  4. Select an icon graphic for the folder in the [Icon] dropdown list
  5. Click the [Security] tab and configure the user / group access rights
  6. Click [Ok] to create the folder
  7. You can now create reports in this folder that will only be accessible to users and groups given explicit access to the folder

Figure 1 - Creating a new reports folder

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