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How to recreate your signature in FocalScope

When moving from another email client to FocalScope, you may wish to keep your email signature as it appeared in the previous system. FocalScope makes it easy to recreate your HTML signature(s) with raw HTML editing options build into the FocalScope UI.

The raw HTML editing feature in FocalScope allows users to preserve the exact style and formatting of documents that were created in 3rd party HTML markup tools. These documents can then be transferred to FocalScope without any change in their appearance. Transferring a corporate signature is a perfect example of this and is used as the example in this article.


Transferring your signature from another email client

From the other email client, send an email to yourself in FocalScope with just your signature affixed at the end of the message.

  1. (In FocalScope) double click and open the email that you sent from the other email client
  2. Click the [Reply] button to enable the contents of the email to be edited

Figure 1 - Email in FocalScope showing a signature

Copying the signature formatting

  1. Click the [<>] button (highlighted). The text in the body of the email will change to show the raw HTML code
  2. Press Ctrl+A to select all the contents
  3. Press Ctrl+C to copy, or right-click the highlighted contents and select [Copy]
  4. Paste the contents in a new Notepad document for safekeeping

Figure 2 - Copying the HTML code of a signature

Recreating your signature in FocalScope

  1. Create a new signature in FocalScope under your personal or group signature folder
  2. Click the [<>] button (highlighted). The text in the body of the email will change to show the raw HTML code
  3. Press Ctrl+V to paste the HTML code you copied into the signature space
  4. Click on the [<>] button to back switch to visual mode. (You can now update / edit the content as desired)

Figure 3 - Recreating an HTML signature

Adding a picture to your FocalScope signature

If you had an image in your signature that you would like to reuse, you need to do the following:

  1. Click the [Attach] button, select [From Filesystem] and browse to the image file
  2. Click on the location in the signature where you want to add the image
  3. Click the [Picture] button, select your alignment style and click [OK] to set the image
  4. Resize the image as desired by dragging its corners and edges

Figure 4 - Adding an image to a signature

Saving your FocalScope signature

Click the [Save] button once you are satisfied with the result.

Figure 5 - A ready-to-use signature

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