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Queues - Outbound

Call Flow - Queues - Outbound

General Tab

To modify or create new outbound queues, go to Queues - Outbound in the telephony Menu

There are a few options to fill in the general tab as per below:

Name: Name of the outbound queue.

Prefix: Prefix to dial to assign the call as an outbound queue.

CallerID: CallerID to be used when making a call out via the outbound queue.

Trunk: Select the trunk to call out using when making calls for the outbound queue.

Dial Timeout: Number of seconds the agent will wait until the agent is call ends

Wrap –up time: If the agent is also an inbound queue agent, the agent will not receive calls for the set number of seconds after this call end.

Description: Description of the queue.

Enabled: if this queue is enabled, check this checkbox.

Members Tab

Select the members that would be able to use this outbound queue.

Permissions Tab

To grant a permission to another user / group to access perform certain function related to ring group you are modifying, press the “+Add” button. Fill in the text field with the Focalscope user or group. You can select to allow or deny permission for each of the below function.

  • Manage: Ability to modify agent’s configuration.

  • Browse: Ability to see the agent’s personal call log.

  • Download: Ability to download the agent’s call recordings.

  • Whisper: Ability to perform whisper and barge on the agent's call.

  • Listen: Ability to listen to an agent’s conversation.

Properties Tab

You will be able to assign categories properties to an outgoing call made by an agent via this Outbound Queue. The above shows an example of a call that is answered by the dial group member and is tagged with the department=sales.

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