Make better decisions with dashboards and reporting 

Run day-to-day operations more efficiently with live dashboards and data from FocalScope contact center software. Track key metrics such as response times, first-touch resolution rates, and ticket volume across all channels. Improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency with targeted initiatives. Measure impact with omnichannel data.

Shift summary (Day)

Email tickets resolved

Voice calls completed

Live chat sessions completed

WhatsApp sessions completed

Drive customer service improvements with FocalScope data

Visibility on all channels

With omnichannel data, everything becomes clearer and you will know precisely what to do. Whether to allocate more agents in one channel or adjust queue opening hours, FocalScope will help you to give the answers.

Contact center performance

Manage your team’s performance with real data. Let FocalScope analytics guide you to identify and reward high-performers, and provide additional training to developing agents based on their targeted needs.

Ticket heatmaps

Analyse data, discover trends, and sharpen resource allocation for each channel according to ticket heatmaps and agent utilisation. Investigate complaints, or even expand your business with highly-requested products and services. 

Gain visibility from FocalScope’s omnichannel analytics

Customise live dashboards and share with stakeholders to keep them in the loop.
Leverage FocalScope data and features to adapt quickly and deploy changes for any situation.

Shift summary (Afternoon)

Avg. email response time (mins)

Avg. call duration (mins)

Avg. live chat handling time (mins)

Avg. WhatsApp handling time (mins)

Measure performance with 70+ built-in Excel reports

Slice and dice data from all channels to uncover operational bottlenecks. Schedule and send recurring reports to your mailbox with ease.

Omnichannel reporting analytics

Make use of 70+ built-in best practice Microsoft Excel reports to analyse different operational aspects such as individual agent productivity, seasonal traffic trends, customer satisfaction to further optimise performance.
  • Download in-depth reports on response rates, average handling time, customer wait time across all support channels.
  • Break down tickets created by channel, time, or ticket type. Study channel traffic using FocalScope heatmaps and ticket backlog reports.
  • Look into specific challenges in any channel, with reports such as missed calls or missed live chats. Drill down ticket data to investigate underlying root causes for problem-solving.
FocalScope reports are pre-formatted in Microsoft Excel with filters and pivots, so it’s easy to make changes. With a single click, you can make a copy of any pre-loaded report templates or create your own. Alternatively, FocalScope data can be exported on a recurring basis into visualisation software, business intelligence tools or data warehouses for deeper analyses.

From one-time order to lifetime customer

At FocalScope, we work with companies around the world to solve their customer service challenges every day.
Companies who leverage data meaningfully achieve significant productivity gains and higher customer loyalty.


Productivity improvement


Reduction in customer waiting time


Increase in customer lifetime value

Strengthen the heart of your business

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