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How to use FocalScope Reminders

FocalScope Reminders are excellent for keeping track of sidelined tasks that will require focus in the near future. Reminders in FocalScope can be sent via several methods: email, SMS, popup, or alert. This article details how you can create and configure reminders as well as spot and review reminders that are associated with emails in FocalScope.

Please note, FocalScope reminders can be attached to any object type in FocalScope, including Internal Notes and Calendar Events.


Why are FocalScope Reminders not sending notifications via email?


Configuring FocalScope Reminders

  1. Right click the email for which you want to attach a Reminder and select [Reminders]
  2. In the [Reminders] window, click the time drop-down (highlighted in blue) and specify when FocalScope should alert you to this specific email. Please note, to specify a custom date / time, use the [@time] entry at the bottom of the list--you will then see new calendar and date tabs appear
  3. The alert method drop down will appear (highlighted in red) after the timer has been set. Click it and select the alert method
  4. Additional timers and alerts can now be set exactly as in the previous two steps

Figure 1 - Creating and configuring Reminders

Reviewing FocalScope Reminders

Emails that have Reminders assigned to them will have a new icon in the second column. Click this icon to see if a reminder is configured for this email, and then click the [Reminder link] to review, modify, or delete the reminder.

Figure 2 - Reviewing reminders

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Why are FocalScope Reminders not sending notifications via email?

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