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Routing - Incoming

Call Flow - Routing - Incoming

To modify or create new call routing, go to Routing - Incoming in the Telephony Menu.

Double click on an existing route to modify or press the new button at the top left of the screen to create a new route.

Both creating new and editing will open a popup screen. There are a few fields to fill in.

Name: Name of the call routing option

Priority: Priority level of the routing option. The lower the value of the option will be taking precedence over higher value of options. 

Activate when settings:  When multiple match rule is selected, you can choose either ALL or ANY option. ALL will counter check all the rules specified. If all matches, it will operate the destination script. ANY will counter check all the rules specified. If any it matches any of the rule, it will operate the destination script. If same conditions is specified in multiple location, the lower priority call routing number will take precedence.

Call type: Specify the condition based on call information.

CallerID: Condition check if caller ID equal/not equal to a certain caller id number.

DID: Condition check if the DID number is equal/not equal to the DID number the caller dials into.

Location: Condition check if the call comes into which server.

Logical Group: Cluster group of conditions.

Start timestamp: Condition check if the time of call matches the Working Hours setting.

Variable: Do not use. Used for legacy system. Will be removed in future updates. 

Destination for the call route can be the above options.

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