Installing the FocalScope shared reports module
Saturday, December 3, 2016 4:36 PM

The shared reports module in FocalScope needs to be installed separately (along with its dependencies) after FocalScope has been installed.


Install FocalScope and its dependencies

Installation Instructions

1. Download and install the Microsoft® System CLR Types

2. Download and install the Microsoft® Report Viewer 2012 Runtime

3. Download and install the FocalScope shared reports module

  • Get the latest FocalScope shared reports module and download with the default installation options

Please note, after the dependencies and the FocalScope shared reports module have been installed click Ctrl+F8 in FocalScope to refresh the interface. A new [Shared reports] folder will be visible under the [Shared Items > Ticketboxes] folder:

Figure 1 - Successfully installed shared reports module

Additional Information

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