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FocalScope Facebook integration setup guide

FocalScope integrates fully with Facebook and gives you the convenience of engaging in Social Media with the simplicity of reading and responding to emails.  This article details the steps you need to take to configure and enable FocalScope-Facebook integration.

Tutorial on how to integrate Facebook into FocalScope

Create new app in Facebook

Point browser to and register as developer (click on Register button).

Then select Add a New App in drop down and fill required information like in pictures below.

Select Settings Basic on left pane and then click on Add Platform, choose Website and enter your FocalScope system site url ( and Save Changes

Select Dashboard on left pane and copy App Id and App Secret.

Integrate Focalscope with Facebook

Log into your FocalScope system as per normal (Sample: ), select last tab in administration page, select Facebook Applications in the tree.

Create new application, copy App Id and App Secret from Facebook Dashboard and click Save.

Then select Facebook Pages in the tree, add new page from context (or top) menu. Tap on App edit and select application from drop down.

Click on facebook button and log into facebook. In facebook login page click Continue as ... button, review required permissions and click on OK.

The Page entry now is enabled and App is disabled. After your logged into facebook you can't change application for page anymore.
Click on Page edit and select one of the page(s). This page list is loaded from your facebook account.

Finally select timeout in minutes and destination ticketbox. In 5 to 10 (recommend setting) minute facebook monitor should begin fetching wall posts, comments and private messages for the Facebook page.

Recommendation for timeout

Please use at least 4 minutes for the calmly page with rare visitors. Facebook can penalize the application and suspend access for 24 hours if Focalscope polls the page too frequently.

You can see current limits in Insights tab of the page.

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