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Placing an agent's account in Training Mode

FocalScope allows you to oversee and direct new employee's communications with customers by way of the built-in Training Mode feature. The way is works is that a trainee's account  instead of sending outgoing emails immediately will save them as drafts and then create an entry in the supervisor's Alerts folder. The supervisor can then review the email and dispatch it to the customer. Additionally, FocalScope's Internal Notes or Instant Messenger can be used by the supervisor to explain the changes made to their original email, helping to accelerate the trainee's learning. The customer does not see the influence of the supervisor, at all. This article details how you can place a FocalScope user account in Training Mode and moderate all emails send by the agent.


Managing FocalScope user accounts


Placing an agent's account in Training Mode

  1. In the [Main menu], select [Screen > Administration]
  2. Click the [Administration] tab
  3. Navigate to the [Workflow Configuration > Training] folder
  4. Right click the right-hand pane and select [New]
  5. Under the [User] dropdown list, select the agent account you wish to place in training mode
  6. Under the [Supervisor] dropdown list, select the supervisor who will monitor the trainee's emails
  7. Tick the flags to specify whether training mode is active for the trainees personal folders and / or shared ticketboxes
  8. Click [Ok] to activate the training mode for the selected agent

Figure 1 - Activating Training Mode on an agent

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Managing FocalScope user accounts

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