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Email Parameters

E-mail Parameters are mostly for formatting e-mails, enabling or disabling the "Post to folder" account option and the formatting used for HTML content included in outgoing e-mail messages. This lesson will show you where to find and adjust these settings.

On the Administration page, under the node [Global Configuration] you will find "E-mail Parameters. This page has to do with e-mail formatting code

  1. [For incoming messages:] set this field to specify default code page for messages which have no code page specified in their headers or body. If this field is empty Unicode (UTF-8) is used. For messages which have explicit code page specification this field is ignored.
  2. [For outgoing messages:] is for setting the character code for outgoing messages. This is automatically set to Unicode (UTF-8) character code.
  3. The [disable "Post to folder" account] flag enables or disables the option to create a ticket in a shared ticket box as opposed to sending it to an e-mail address which then adds it to the ticket box. This is done by enabling or disabling the built in "Post to folder" account.
  4. Under "Outgoing message formatting options" enabling the [put content=...] flag will put an HTML tag in outgoing HTML messages which tells the web browser what the content type and character set of the page is.
  5. In the box below that you can specify additional markups to add to the "Meta Content" tag which is added to outgoing HTML messages.

Highlighted in this compose e-mail window, is the "Post to folder" option which we get when not disabling this account in the "Email Parameters" configuration screen. You will still be prompted to enter a recipients address (To:), but the ticket won't be sent to them, it will just be created in the ticket box.

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