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Access an Office365 Shared Mailbox using FocalScope IMAP

FocalScope allows the use of a single user account on Microsoft Office365 to get access to both personal and shared mail boxes on Office365

Setup in Microsoft Office365:

Office365 allow you to create individual mailboxes as well as shared mailboxes. If you like to connect your shared mailboxes in FocalScope using IMAP, you need to ensure you have a proper setup in Office365.
You have to use the credentials of an Office365 user who has been granted access to the shared mailbox in Office365. Let us say the individual email account is and let us assume that the shared mailbox is In order to retrieve the mail from this shared mailbox using IMAP, you use these credentials from to access the shared email account The format to connect using IMAP is:

IMAP User name:\customerservice
IMAP Password: Password for the user

Result: IMAP connection will retrieve emails for the shared email account:

Setup in FocalScope:

     Tutorial on setting a shared email account  by using a personal email address.

  1. Create the new email account
  2. Type the shared email address in the Email Address tab
  3. Under Incoming server details in the User Name tab insert user\shared mailbox
    • The server name will be
    • The password will be the user's password
  4. Under Outgoing server details in the User Name tab insert the user
    • The server name will be
    • The password will be the user's password
  5. In the Advanced Tab the Authentication option will be set for LOGIN

Figure 1 - Email setup details

Figure 2 - Email setup Advanced Tab

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