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Configure an Existing SQL Server

If your system/server already has a SQL Server 2008 installation and you wish to use an existing SQL server instance with FocalScope, then this lesson will help you verify and configure critical settings on your existing SQL server instance, as are required by FocalScope for successful operation.

WARNING! It is recommended that you create a standalone SQL server instance & database for FocalScope to connect to (see the lesson Configure a Dedicated SQL Server Instance for more details). Any changes you make to your existing SQL server instances or databases, could possibly lead to unexpected results and/or data loss. We recommend only experience SQL database administrators connect FocalScope to a production SQL server instance/database and apply the changes listed in this document.

Enable Full-Text Search on an Existing SQL Server Instance


You need to add Full-Text Search on an existing SQL server instance, for FocalScope to function correctly, to do so, launch the "SQL 2008 R2 installation package".

After being presented with the "SQL Server Installation Center" screen, select [Installation] -> [New installation or add features to an existing installation].

The "SQL Server 2008 R2 Setup" screen will open separately. Select the [Add features to an existing instance of SQL Server 2008 R2] radio button and click [Next].

Please note: Be sure to record the SQL server instance name (in this case "SQLEXPRESS") as you will need to provide this name later during FocalScope's configuration & installation.

Ensure that the [Full-Text Search] feature flag is ticked (FocalScope depends on this feature for its functionality). Click [Next] to continue.

Finish the feature installation process by clicking [Next] throughout all the following screens. Leave all the settings on following screens at their defaults. You are now done configuring your existing SQL server installation for use with FocalScope.

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